DesolateOddly enough, part of me is really looking forward to scenes like this on our ride.  Very little to look at, just being in the middle of nowhere, with plenty of time to think and take in the nothing-ness.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m also excited for all of the great destinations we plan to hit along our route, but I think scenes like this will be very common and right now I would give anything to put myself there, just to be doing it.  In my head, it’s these long days where it’s just us and the road that will define the trip, since when I think cross-country bike tour, this is the scene that typically comes to mind.  Anyhow, it’ll be tough to come up with things to talk about after a while during these stretches… since we most likely won’t have any subjects to base our go-to conversation on (“Hey, look at that dog” , “Oh, sweet”).  Maybe we’ll just have to start telling each other stories when the conversation runs dry.

There will be one major difference between this scene and what ours will look like.  There will only be one rider out front in the picture: you.  Since I’ll be carrying the pump most likely…. 🙂

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