First Time in Central Park

I honestly don’t think I had ever been in Central Park, either, so it was a first for both of us!

Max and Liz have a pretty awesome apartment. It was fun seeing all of our Union pals.

parkingI was so happy to see Grace and Derrick. I enjoyed my pad Thai dinner with them at Klong in the East Village. They seem to enjoy Thai… I don’t think we’ve dined out with them at a non-Thai food restaurant yet.
grace_simoneThanks for dropping me off where I could meet Stevie and Blake! It was quite a treat to get to see her two weekends in a row. We went to El Centro and sat outside so that Gus could come with us. We had frozen mimosas, and I ordered enchiladas for lunch.

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  1. Too bad you couldn’t find a picture which displayed you throwing the frisbee better! If you were wondering, I’m referring to the 2nd picture.

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