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This suggestion came from one of my colleagues… it wouldn’t be hard to guess which one. Anyhow, I figured I’d make a note of it in case we ever decide we want to!  I’ve never been to Brunswick or Nova Scotia, so it would be a fun way to explore both places.Andy's SuggestionThe ferry from Portland, ME to Nova Scotia can be booked through Nova Star Cruises and is only ~$160 (or less) for an adult with a bicycle.  You could also get a cabin on the ferry and that could range anywhere from ~$80 to ~$250, all of which sleep 4.  The ferry leaves Portland around 9pm and the crossing takes 10 hours. 

The ride back from Yarmouth to Portland would be ~750mi (1,200km), depending on the route of course.

Add one to the “to do” list!!

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