Family Time (10)

A few days into our trip, I asked Chris, when I get homesick out here on the road, where am I homesick for? Somerville, Bozeman, Ithaca? My mom made a good point one time that it’s not where, but who. It’s the family and the friends that we miss so much. 

Today, we got to not only rest our weary bodies, but also to get some awesome time with my extended family. 



Taylor and his girlfriend Kailey, Uncle Rusty, Rachel, Hannah, Faith, Chris
with Grandma and Grandpa Crispell
Granny making a delicious cherry pie!


 We left feeling well-fed and well-loved.

Thank you to all of you for your calls, texts, and messages of support! They really do keep us going out here! 

2 thoughts on “Family Time (10)”

  1. Hi Chris and Rachel. I am one of the four cyclists who chatted with you near Niagara Falls yesterday. It was nice to meet you and hear about your story. It will be fun to follow your travels on this blog. I hope you continue to have an amazing journey over the next few months. Be safe and enjoy your ride. Have fun you two. God Bless Karen Mac C

    1. Hi Karen. Thanks for reading about our adventures on here and for the well wishes! It was great to meet you all the other day! We enjoyed chatting and are really happy to see that you checked out our blog. Have a great summer!
      -Rachel & Chris

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