Cold Weather Kids

It was certainly a chilly weekend! Watching the Wolfpack hockey game in Hartford with your pals was great fun, especially with those dollar hot dogs! Yum!

wolfpack hockey game
left to right: top row: Liza, CJ, Marijo, Jeff, Chris, Rachel. bottom row: Mitch, Lisa, Evan, Frank, Brenna, Ted

It was hard to stay awake on the drive up to Vermont after that, but we made it to Liz’s family’s Killington house with the help of some Dunkin coffee. The next day was freezing and windy, but we braved the cold weather for some fun skiing.

christopher snow
photo courtesy of Maxwell, featuring Liz’s littlest brother, Christopher

At least for a little while…

killington lodge
from left to right: Christopher, Liz, Max, Chris

Liz’s Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Cort, and her cousin Abby are fun folks. Dinner was delicious, and the conversations were quite entertaining. Their log cabin house is pretty darn cool.

We’re lucky to have such good friends with nice houses in high, snowy places!

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