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Gear Consideration

Lots of decisions to be made, and lots of money to be spent…

Pannier Racks
  • Nemo
    • Losi 3P
    • Losi 2P
    • Obi Elite 2P
    • Galaxi 2P
  • Big Agnes
    • Slater UL2+
    • Copper Spur UL2
    • Fly Creek UL2
    • Fly Creek UL3
    • Slater UL3+
    • Copper Spur UL3
  • MSR
    • Hubba Hubba 2P
    • Mutha Hubba 3P
    • Nook 2P
    • Elixir 2P
    • Elixir 3P
    • Carbon Reflex 2P
    • Carbon Reflex 3P
  • Black Diamond
    • Skylight
  • Mountain Hardware
    • Super Mega UL2
    • Skyledge 2 DP
    • Skyledge 3 DP
  • Sierra Designs
    • Lightening 2 UL
    • Flash 2 UL
    • Flashlight 2 UL
    • Flash 3 UL

North Shore Tour de Cure

Another successful ride; 62 miles in the sun, despite a rainy forecast. Check out that helmet indent on your forehead! 🙂


Even though you left me with a flat tire and without a pump for a few miles soon after the start, and I had to wait until people who started a half hour after us stopped to help me, I still enjoyed the ride. You did eventually come back for me 🙂 . And, near the end, you found ten dollars!


The route:

Thanks go to Charity and Aunt Bonnie for being so generous with their donations 🙂

Lots of saddle time this week

BigRideWeek-May14Although this weekly mileage is nothing compared to what we will be doing during our XC trip, I’m pretty sure it’s my best yet (like, ever).  If I could have a few more weeks like this, I might even give Andy a serious run for his money sprinting to town lines!

Also, I learned something new… you don’t need to create a map to log a workout on MMR.  For little rides like between the hotel and the ferry, I just entered distance and time instead of creating a lame map that would probably never get used again.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the next ride: North Shore Tour de Cure!  Everyone will be wondering why I’m with the Oracle team but not all swagged up in Oracle gear… ha!

Bike for MS

What an awesome ride we had! I never thought I’d be able to bike sixty miles. Thanks to all of our good friends and families’ donations, we met the $250 dollar goal. (I still beat you :p ) It was fun to ride with all of your buddies from The Dennis Group.

Thanks very much for getting us a hotel room with your points. Even though it was a chillier walk than I expected, I had fun eating at the Anchor Ale House and listening to the old men sing karaoke.

The bike path to the Woods Hole ferry was so pretty! The pinkish sunrise over the calm water was a perfect start to the day.


“Chris, don’t forget your ferry tickets!”  and then I forgot mine. {sigh}

It’s funny that we bought bagels for breakfast, and then found out that they had free bagels at the start of the race!


Look, you can see the lines from the new Dennis Group shorts I have on under my spandex. Thanks for getting me those so that I fit in with the rest of the Hardboiled team.


In this picture of us, you can already see the hints of pink on my face that turned into a full blown sunburn…. oops, we didn’t plan very well. Next time, we’ll have to make sure we use sunscreen.


Left to right:
Me, you, Cameron, Andy, Chris, Tony, Dave, Abby, Nathan, Jeff, Jack


Look! We even surpassed the sixty miles to almost get eighty! Hot tamale, who would have thought I could bike that far and still be in a good mood; it must have been all of the yummy sandwiches and snacks they had for us along the way.


Thanks for a really great day 🙂
I’m glad that I got to share it with you.

Thanks to these awesome people for supporting us (in no particular order):
Julie & Casey
Corey, Kate, Maddie, & Ian
Mom & Dad Hogue
The Dennis Group

Get excited…

BikeMS…for our ride coming up on Saturday, the 2014 BikeMS: Ride the Vineyard!!  And since yesterday it’s official; I miraculously made it to the minimum fundraising goal of $250.

Anyhow, I found a route on MMR, which was probably the 60 mile ride of years past, but I’m assuming this years is very similar.  Looks like it will be great.  Just keep your fingers crossed that the weather will turn out well for us, looks good right now 🙂