Past Month In Review – May ’14

To summarize…  purple is the enemy, and there’s way too much of it!  I was surprised with the amount of red that is shown on here; much more than I expected, so that was a nice change.  Sorry there’s not more blue though :-/  Even though some things are out of proportions and I hope to correct that within the next year (most likely after our XC tour now…), I had a lot of green, blue & red fun with you this month!

Calendar – May 14

Oh, and I promised you I would show you this (below) when the month was over, and I figured this was a good time since I already put one calendar in this post.  Anyhow, you’ll see that I fell just short of 500mi for the month, on paper at least.  I might have missed a short ride here or there, but regardless it was cool to see how many days I was able to ride this month.  Hope we can keep it up… our monthly totals next Spring will be well over 500! 🙂

MMR - May 14

One thought on “Past Month In Review – May ’14”

  1. ohman, so close to 500! Maybe you can get it another month.

    That first calendar is pretty nifty. I like how you did the colors 🙂

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