Lots of saddle time this week

BigRideWeek-May14Although this weekly mileage is nothing compared to what we will be doing during our XC trip, I’m pretty sure it’s my best yet (like, ever).  If I could have a few more weeks like this, I might even give Andy a serious run for his money sprinting to town lines!

Also, I learned something new… you don’t need to create a map to log a workout on MMR.  For little rides like between the hotel and the ferry, I just entered distance and time instead of creating a lame map that would probably never get used again.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the next ride: North Shore Tour de Cure!  Everyone will be wondering why I’m with the Oracle team but not all swagged up in Oracle gear… ha!

2 thoughts on “Lots of saddle time this week”

  1. I would assume they will be in before the ride… that’s probably why they did the order when they did. BUT, sadly I don’t think your shirt would fit me. It’s really okay though. And yeah, it was a good week 🙂

    I will note though (for the benefit of all of our readers), that you did the first two (Sat & Sun) rides with me… so you surpassed 100mi in a single week, which I think may be your own record?

  2. haha you can wear my Oracle shirt! Actually, I haven’t even gotten it yet, so we’ll see if I do before the ride…

    Gosh, you’re crushing it this week! You’re going to be so physically fit.

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