Black Friday at March Farms

This was your favorite race so far!

It was cool driving to this race and seeing the course set up on the side of the hill! Andy showed up, too, and his wife heckled him a lot during the race 😉 In this exact spot, he went down into the thick grass a little bit:

This course definitely had a lot of vertical! Look at you working hard to get up this hill:

But this hill was by far the biggest! I was so excited when I rode all of the way up it on my last lap. Here you are tackling it:

You got 6th place out of 49 guys! Way to go!!

It was a chilly day, so we splurged and you got some hot coffee, I got some hot apple cider, and we each had three apple cider donuts. Yum!

I don’t have any biking pants, so I wore some ski socks and bared my knees to the world:

I thought it was really cool how they cut part of the track through a corn field that had been a corn maze only a few weeks earlier:

I met Adelle this race (second place in the rainbow jersey), and Joanna raced in this one, too!

It was fun checking out Joanna and Travis’ yellow van, with a little couch and lots of room for bikes, and having a few beers with them in the parking lot after the race.

We didn’t even have to go shopping to get a Black Friday deal; we got a free bike pump! (well, it cost me a lot of calories, so not completely free…)

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