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Getting my hands dirty

Yesterday Jeremy (the good foreman of the company we use for a lot of work from Wisconsin) told me that he was 2 gaskets short for some of the piping that I wanted them to finish by Monday.  So I checked the store room at the brewery but they didn’t have any that size.  The guy in the store room mentioned to me that I could make my own, so I did that and they came out pretty well for limited tools and my first try in a hurry.  The black is one that I took out of the piping they had finished, and the two red ones were the ones I cut.

Fixin’ the ol’ barn

So on the right are the two 2″x4″‘s that we screwed together on top of the jack on top of a piece of wood on the ground.  On the left is the beam that we fixed.  I should have thought to take a before picture so you could see how far we needed to move it.  Originally the bottom of the beam had fallen off the pier (concrete column) that it was sitting on.  So we jacked up the beam (the horizontal piece thats above both of these) and the support basically fell out from under the beam.  Then we put the bottom of the post on top of the column and filled back in around it with stones.  Then we started jacking up the beam more and I got on the ladder you see on the left and started hitting the post with the sledge hammer.  The bottom stayed in the same place because it was already on the pier, but we had to move the top about 18″ and it usually took me a few hits to move it an inch.  And then my dad would jack up a little higher and I would hit it again.  Every time there were some scary cracks and creaks.  I was very afraid we would break the beam, that would have been a big problem.  But luckily we didn’t and now everyone can be happy!  The End~

"L.L. Bean" Basket

I’ve already told you about how I did this, but here are some pictures showing the progression of the basket 🙂  I need to sand it to smooth out a lot of places and then I might stain it.  But its 95% done right now.  In this picture you can see what I did with the wire on the other side of the inner end piece.  You’ll notice how I cut off the piece that connects all these ends so that I could bend them over the wood and then HOT glue it.  This way hopefully the wire will never pull out of the wood.

This is my work table.  TADA!  I want to make a nicer table to work on, and really want to clean up the entire basement workshop area, but its all my dads stuff so I don’t know if I will or not.
I used the circular saw to cut the “U” into the outer end pieces, that way I could get the two pieces of wood to fit together nicely.
Left: This is WOOD glue!
Right: You saw this when we were skyping, but here’s a pic of the setup all clamped together.
DONE!  I should put a picture of the one from the LL Bean catalog next to a picture of mine for comparison.  Their handle was attached differently, and I’m guessing they attached their wire differently but its impossible to know.  Also, their handle is a more drastic curve which makes it easier to get things into and out of the basket.  If I make another, I will make a bigger handle like theirs, use solid wood for the end pieces (as opposed to plywood), and maybe get a little more creative with how I attach the handle or what I make the handle look like. 🙂  So far I think it’s come out pretty well though.  I’ll take a picture when I’m completely done with it for you.

Mt. Monadnock!

From the time we hiked Mt. Monadnock the day after Thanksgiving. During the hike we somehow lost the path for a while and bushwacked and had to deal with the summit being completely encrusted in ice. We had a great time though 🙂