Getting my hands dirty

Yesterday Jeremy (the good foreman of the company we use for a lot of work from Wisconsin) told me that he was 2 gaskets short for some of the piping that I wanted them to finish by Monday.  So I checked the store room at the brewery but they didn’t have any that size.  The guy in the store room mentioned to me that I could make my own, so I did that and they came out pretty well for limited tools and my first try in a hurry.  The black is one that I took out of the piping they had finished, and the two red ones were the ones I cut.

4 thoughts on “Getting my hands dirty”

  1. I took one we had out of the piping and used it as a template (the black one). and I didn’t have a hammer, so I just pressed down as hard as I could on the thing and rotated it to make the small holes. The big one you don’t need a hammer for though, that was the easy part.

  2. cool. how did you know where to put the circles? Did you have a template? Do you have to keep hitting it with the hammer as it rotates?

  3. No, it’s just rubber. They had a thing that was basically just a razor blade that fits into a piece that you rotate around a center point, kinda like a compass (for drawing, not navigating) but instead of having a pencil at the end you have a razor blade (the golden bar looking thing, and the little peg sticking out of the plywood is what i rotated around). And the small holes they had another tool for that had a bunch of attachments for different size circle points (the black thing that looks like a flashlight) and you put that where you want it and either just press down really hard or hit it with a hammer and it makes the cut.

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