Owl in the house

This is a metal owl sculpture that came from my grandparents house.  It’s Casey’s from way back when, we did a raffle type thing for all of their grandchildren when we were younger, to divy up all the cool stuff they had.  Funny thing though is my grandparents accidentally gave this away to their neighbors.  My dad asked them if they had it because it seemed like the only place it could have disappeared to, and he had a letter from my grandparents that was signed from years ago saying that it was supposed to be given to Casey.  So right now its at our house as you can see, and next time Casey comes up, he will be surprised by it.  It’s pretty awesome, I’m jealous!

2 thoughts on “Owl in the house”

  1. I think they were kinda bummed, but he had the letter so they believed him and said “Ok.” And it’s not like Casey was super upset but it is really cool and he always planned on getting it but he obviously could live without it. I think he will be really happy though to find out we have it for him.

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