2 thoughts on ““Wish You Were Here””

  1. ha, ok here are a few answers:

    1.) Yes, it was a Wednesday deal menu, where you got to choose two sides, an entree, and dessert. I got the wedge salad.
    2.) I know, but I just love ribs. My stomach was OK this time.
    3.) Yes! With chocolate drizzle.
    4.) Only $11 🙂 It was $61 before tip.

    I got a frozen strawberry margarita, but my mom drank most of it.

  2. Woah, nice. A few questions though..

    1.) Did you also get the wedge salad? Your comment makes me believe so.
    2.) I thought you weren’t going to get ribs since last time they upset your stomach?
    3.) Was that cheese cake for you?
    4.) How much over $50 did you go? Based on what I see, I’m guessing it ended up being about $100 before tip.

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