Drawing1-ModelI didn’t get any pictures of the moose piles along the hike from Hartland Pond to the Hogsback Reservoir lookout, but got a few of the nice view from the lookout!  Too bad we didn’t have any encounters with a moose (as long it was gentle), that would have been really exciting!  It was surprising to see how many tracks there were in that area, though.IMG_0040

Snowshoe route 030214For this hike, I wouldn’t say we were actually #kindalost but definitely off track a bit in the beginning.  I guess the last time I tried getting to the pipeline from home I just got lucky.  It ended up being nice though, and I’m happy that we got out and did something, after me being so lazy for 90% of my birthday.  Thanks for just hanging out with me though 🙂


Ok, until next time!  He says as he ventures off towards the horizon across the frozen, snow covered body of water.  Just kidding, he only walked ~100′ out onto the pond for a photo, then returned to the same shore he embarked from.IMG_0047