The Dirt Carpet: Chris’ Long Johns

R: I’m here on The Dirt Carpet at Beaverdam Campground with Chris, and Chris, you are sporting an interesting outfit, are those long johns under a pair of mountain bike shorts?

C: Yes.

R: Are they any particular brand?

C: No, just my skiing long johns. I wear them over my chamois shorts, and I sometimes wear them sleeping if it’s cold. Layering is good; they pack down small.

R: Do you think about sweating in them during the day and then sleeping in sweaty, stinky clothes at night?

C: No, because if I think I’m going to start sweating when I’m riding in them, then I take them off.

R: Did you bring them on our cross country tour?

C: Yeah, pretty sure I did.

R: Cool, so they must have been worth it for you to have brought them on this trip, too. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! Catch up with us next time on The Dirt Carpet.

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