The Coyote Cabin (66)

We arrived at Enterprise a few minutes before it opened. As we sat there, a fellow named Tom came over to talk, along with his sweet dog, Lucy. He and his wife, Deb, were cleaning out the warehouse next to Enterprise. We discovered later that they owned the Enterprise building, too. 

When Enterprise opened, the agent informed us that he did not have any cars available. He did, however, have a fifteen person van, which he gave to us for the price of a full-sized car.   


We decided to do the Balcony House tour at Mesa Verde. On the way there, we stopped to check out the Cliff House. 


On the tour, we went up some ladders and through some tight spots. 

After the tour, we stopped at the museum and to look at the Spruce Tree House from afar. 

On the way back to Cortez, we grabbed lunch and groceries before returning the van. Deb and Tom were still there, and they offered us their cabin for the night! After a quick discussion, we decided to take the offer. We ended up having a beer and talking with them in the warehouse, then went into Cortez with them and had some delicious sushi. To get to what they dubbed the Coyote Cabin, which was 7 miles back on our route (further back than where we spent the night last night!), they handed us the keys to their spare car, the Green Hornet. 

The cabin is in a beautiful spot, and we spent the rest of the night relaxing. 

There is a view of Mesa Verde from the front porch, and we enjoyed sun showers in the fading evening light. 

 We are so lucky to have met Tom and Deb! They are such generous, interesting people. Thank you both very much!!

Trip stats, to date (Day 66)

Cortez, CO
Daily mileage: 2.96mi ;  Trip total to date: 3,872.9 mi
Daily riding time: 0hr 16min;  Trip total time: 335hr 56min
Daily ascent: 96 ft;  Trip total ascent: 190,263 ft
Flat tires: Rachel – 3; Chris – 2

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  1. So glad to have had the pleasure of meeting you. Totally love and admire your sense of adventure and spirit., and that you take the time to share via your blog. If You ever find yourself back in this part of the world or Phoenix, we’d love to have you as our guests.

    1. Thank you, Deb! We had an amazing time with you guys! You are so talented and so very generous. We will let you know if we are ever in your part of the country again, and please do the same if you ever visit New England!

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