The Best Friends That Anybody Could Have

Last weekend, we were able to spend time with friends before we depart on our three-month long hiatus from New England. besties Our friend, Robin (or Rueben, as we sometimes call her), graduated from WPI this spring, so her boyfriend, Jarrod, threw a party for her at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline. carrot cake JCongrats, Rueben!

the girls at the party
From left to right: Jodi, Rachel, Ashley, Molly, Liz, Nina, Tori. In the front: Robin

Then, all of our pals proceeded to surprise us with a GoPro for our trip! We certainly have a generous and thoughtful group of friends! Check out that card, too; Robin even put our actual route on the map:

the whole group
From left to right: Nina, Kevin, Jodi, Jarrod, Robin, Rachel, Chris, Liz, Tori, Max, Molly, Ashley, Sam

Chris has some impressive jumping skills that he demonstrated to everyone: ups I demonstrated mine, too: rachel_upsWhen the sun started to go down, we all went over to our friend Dan’s house to celebrate the Kentucky Derby / Mayweather Pacquiao fight with obnoxious hats and more friends.

Rachel, Ashley, Tori

Hopefully Chris and I open our eyes for pictures on our trip:

Back row: Scott, Ben, Matt, Evan, Dan, Chris. Front row: Max, Jay
Me, Chris, Evan, Brittany, Matt

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with our friends, and we’ll miss them this summer!

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