Take a Breather (54)

After a luxurious night in real beds, we followed the smell of fresh brewed coffee down to the kitchen then enjoyed breakfast in front of the TV.  We spent a few hours trying to catch up on blog posts before I sent Chris away on the light rail to visit our friend Tyler (“Izzy”) downtown. After 53 days with minimal separation, I figured we could handle a few hours apart.

I hung back to have dinner again with family.  This time, there were 15 in attendance, and it was a blast!  After a scrumptious meal and a finger-licking dessert, Charlie set up the badminton net for some friendly competition. The boys sure know how to work up a sweat!

Meanwhile, Chris and Izzy went out for food, beers, and pool.

After dinner, Charlie and Theresa took me on a scenic route into downtown to meet up with Izzy and Chris.  Not long after, we were joined by Izzy’s other friends, Tyler and Jess (from grad school in South Carolina).  We spent the night relaxing at Izzy’s apartment.

Tyler, Jess, Izzy, Chris, Rachel

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