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Drawing1-ModelI didn’t get any pictures of the moose piles along the hike from Hartland Pond to the Hogsback Reservoir lookout, but got a few of the nice view from the lookout!  Too bad we didn’t have any encounters with a moose (as long it was gentle), that would have been really exciting!  It was surprising to see how many tracks there were in that area, though.IMG_0040

Snowshoe route 030214For this hike, I wouldn’t say we were actually #kindalost but definitely off track a bit in the beginning.  I guess the last time I tried getting to the pipeline from home I just got lucky.  It ended up being nice though, and I’m happy that we got out and did something, after me being so lazy for 90% of my birthday.  Thanks for just hanging out with me though 🙂


Ok, until next time!  He says as he ventures off towards the horizon across the frozen, snow covered body of water.  Just kidding, he only walked ~100′ out onto the pond for a photo, then returned to the same shore he embarked from.IMG_0047

Snowy V-Day Weekend

Best Valentine’s Day yet. 🙂 I’m so glad we took Friday off to play in the snow in Jonny’s hometown backyard. Thanks for driving all of the way there and back! You had record gas mileage for my car, over 31!

The drive certainly wasn’t easy:20140220-092304.jpg

But it was totally worth it.


Especially that tree run where I didn’t see the drop in the trail; when I crashed off of it, you were right on my tail and almost landed on top of me. The other highlight may have been when both of my skis popped off after a flat landing down a steep drop I followed you down.

Although I got super stressed about finding a hotel room, it all worked out in the end, and I really liked our room at the Comfort Inn in Montpelier. I also enjoyed our takeout Applebee’s dinner, eaten with the table positioned directly in front of the TV so that we could watch the Olympics. Thanks for my chocolates and card, Topher.

I thought that we made pretty good time getting to Sugarbush the next morning. You were so nice to go on all of the tree runs with me, even after smashing your knee and shin and encountering other unexpected obstacles.


Last run of the day:


Then we had a nice family dinner on Sunday, much healthier than our Chinese food on the way back to my apartment on Saturday. You look so happy to be eating those beets!