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Giant Pretzel

Maders Pretzel

This was just the beginning of a great feast at Mader’s German Restaurant in Milwaukee, WI.  Thanks to MK for insisting that we stick around for the afternoon to see downtown and eat some great German food at one of his favorite restaurants.  The food certainly didn’t disappoint, the service was fantastic and the building has some great history.  Highly recommended!

Pause for a 14er (61)

It was another cold morning in the mountains of Colorado; so cold that have been regretting the fact that we sent home our full-fingered gloves!   The morning started out with a few miles of downhill, which usually is nice, but today we were looking forward to the uphill afterwards so that we could warm up. 

Halfway through the four mile climb, we stripped down to our base layers, but at the top, we layered up again for the descent.

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The End of the Alphabet (56)

Today is a very special day, because I was born 26 years ago. Additionally, Chris asked me to be his girlfriend five years ago (as a friend once pointed out, this combination makes remembering dates and giving gifts much easier for Chris). Accordingly, we woke up late, and I pulled out the leftover desserts to eat for breakfast.

Izzy and his Rachel then made us a more traditional breakfast of sweet potato home fries, eggs, ground turkey, and fresh guacamole.

Chris finally cut his hair and trimmed his neck; even with his beard still in tact, the transformation is very apparent, to say the least.

We were excited to find that a birthday card from my granny, a piece for the GoPro helmet mount from Chris’ mom, Linda, and some awesome new Clean Bottles had all arrived in Izzy’s mail for us.

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