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Take a Breather (54)

After a luxurious night in real beds, we followed the smell of fresh brewed coffee down to the kitchen then enjoyed breakfast in front of the TV.  We spent a few hours trying to catch up on blog posts before I sent Chris away on the light rail to visit our friend Tyler (“Izzy”) downtown. After 53 days with minimal separation, I figured we could handle a few hours apart.

I hung back to have dinner again with family.  This time, there were 15 in attendance, and it was a blast!  After a scrumptious meal and a finger-licking dessert, Charlie set up the badminton net for some friendly competition. The boys sure know how to work up a sweat!

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Burning Both Ends (53)

Despite riding until 8pm last night, the alarm went off at 3:30am so we could get to Denver before the afternoon rain.  However, we squandered that opportunity by snoozing, then sitting for an hour and a half with coffees at the Loaf ‘N Jug in town.  This allowed us time to charge the camera at least, which died yesterday afternoon.

While procrastinating, we met a man who said he has cyclist friends who can’t make it over the hills between there and Denver, so we would likely have to walk.  We’ve had similar conversations with other locals along the way.  Everyone seems to have an unconscious sense of pride regarding the difficulty of the terrain in their area, and it doesn’t matter what you tell them you’ve already conquered.

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Head for the Hills (52)

Per usual, we woke early and broke down camp quickly but this time so that we wouldn’t get sprayed by the sprinklers in the park (we were told they go off around 6 or 7am).  After moving to a safe spot, we had bagels and fruit for breakfast.  It was another cold morning (hopefully we didn’t send too many warm clothes back too early!), but there was no rain in the forecast and the wind was in our favor.

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