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Pause for a 14er (61)

It was another cold morning in the mountains of Colorado; so cold that have been regretting the fact that we sent home our full-fingered gloves!   The morning started out with a few miles of downhill, which usually is nice, but today we were looking forward to the uphill afterwards so that we could warm up. 

Halfway through the four mile climb, we stripped down to our base layers, but at the top, we layered up again for the descent.

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Reaching New Heights (59)

Our plan was to start climbing towards Cottonwood Pass as early as possible this morning, so that we would arrive at the top before any afternoon thunder showers.  We woke early but got caught up in conversations with locals after breakfast at the convenience store. One nice fellow, Chuck Scarbrough, even invited us to his house to stay in town another day, but we had to be on our way.

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