2 thoughts on “Sunset Ride”

  1. That looks like it was a really nice time to be out for a ride :-). I’m jealous – of that, and the fact that you have been able to ride your road bike. I do really like my touring bike (aside from the whiney brakes…) but I definitely miss riding my road bike also; hopefully I’ll have it back soon!

    Anyhow, this was up in Nashua? It reminds me of the little park down the hill from the Minuteman bike path, but I think I remember you saying you met the dog on a ride from your office…

    1. You’re correct; it was on the Minuteman Bikeway. I did meet another dog on my Nashua ride. It was standing at the edge of its yard, watching a chewed up volleyball roll way down the road. I sped up and caught the ball, and threw it back to the dog. I’m pretty sure that’s where it must have come from, since no one else was around.

      I hope you get your sweet road bike back soon, too!

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