Sandcastles and Lubritoriums

Oh man, dragon girl! I was pretty disappointed that they bring the sand in and spray Elmer’s Glue to get it to stick together so well.

 If you had been there, you would have told me to look away….

Do you see something funny?

You must be super excited to meet this guy in a few weekends:
At Whale’s Tale
Maybe next time you can come and hold my hand and give me kisses and show me some of your childhood memories.

2 thoughts on “Sandcastles and Lubritoriums”

  1. I’m sorry you were disappointed by the sand sculptors using their own sand and glue… given those materials though, do you think you could make something as impressive as what they did?

    I would be glad to show you the places we frequented, but I don’t know if its fair to call them childhood memories… we didnt start going there until I was in 7th or 8th grade I believe, so they were more like young manhood memories because I was an early bloomer 😎

    Wedding, ew

    Lubritorium, ha!

    Raymond, uh..

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