RIP Petras

I just sent this email to Giro Customer Support. Hopefully they get a kick out of it (because it’s about shoes, ba bum ch!):


I just wanted to send you an email to tell you about the happy life of the shoes that I bought from Giro. 

On August 17th, 2014, I bought a pair of women’s Giro Petra cycling shoes from EMS in Avon, CT: 

I bought them because my then-boyfriend, now-husband and I were planning a bicycle trip across the US, and I wanted a pair of shoes that I could both hike and bike in. These were just right! 

Good news: we made it from Maine to California. The shoes were on my feet for over 5600 miles, through 17 states, and over 7 mountain ranges ( . I was even wearing them when my hubby proposed! 

However, their life didn’t end there! They started a career warming my feet for cyclocross races, and they have stood on the 1st place podium for 6 races and 2nd place for one race ( ). 

Every day, I commute 6 miles to work, and these shoes have taken me there and back for all of their long life. 

Sadly, they have finally reached the end of that life, as they are literally falling apart:


We have had many good times together, and they will be missed. RIP, Petras. 

Rachel, a happy customer

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