Donuts, Tigers, and Granny

Thanks for letting me take another vacation without you! This time, I am visiting Granny in Scottsdale, Arizona. I flew in yesterday and didn’t get to her place at Scottsdale Park Suites until around 9PM, but she had still waited to have dinner with me! Then, she stayed up till around 1AM watching the Olympics, while I fell asleep next to her on the couch. She kept nudging me to tell me about exciting plays in the women’s ice hockey final game against Canada, such as when they went into overtime, and then a shootout, and then the US finally won.

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Rachel gets a new bike for the GDMBR

This is the tale of a girl who loved to match a boy, and a boy who hated to match a girl. She would get giddy and do arm pumps when they both pulled the same t-shirt out of their suitcases on a trip, while his face would crumple as he let out a, “Are you kidding me?! This is the only shirt I brought! Do you have another one?” to which she would slyly shake her head no.

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Chris gets a new bike for the GDMBR

An interview with Chris about his new bike.

R: Why did you need a new bike for this trip? 
C: I wanted fat tires and maybe a front shock.

R: The bike you bought doesn’t have a front shock. 
C: Correct, but it’s designed so that it can take a cross country mountain bike style fork. It might not need it because of the fat tires, but I’m considering a Lauf Trail Racer fork.

R: So your other five bikes weren’t good enough? 
C: I was originally planning on using my Specialized AWOL, which is designed for gravel or light road touring or mild off-roading. However, my new bike is a drop bar mountain bike, so it’s better at handling tougher terrain, and I plan to use it for bikepacking (off-road) AND bike touring. It’s more versatile.

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Chris + Rachel