The other morning, my dad was up getting ready for work. I had already left. He hears a little “knock knock” on the door, and he heads over to open it. Before he can even get there, the person knocks again. He opens the door, and there stands little Olivia, our neighbor. She’s about four years old, and she has the most orange hair you’ve ever seen on a little kid, and these bright blue eyes.

“Hi,” she says to my dad, as she walks in the house, “I saw you through the window.” She points at the window by the front door. “I came over to ask you why your sprinklers are on.” she walks towards the back sliding glass door to show him the sprinklers that he already knows are on.

“Do your parents know you’re over here?” he asks her.
“No, they’re sleeping still.” He of course doesn’t question this, and continues going about getting ready for work as she sits down in one of the stools on the counter and starts to eat some blueberries that are sitting in a bowl there.

The next morning, she came over again, and this time, she sat in the garage with Wesley, asking him questions as he worked on his truck. “Can we go down in your basement and play with the toys down there?”

Then, a few mornings ago, she got there so early that I hadn’t even left for work yet. She was sitting at the counter again, talking away. She had a different reason for being there this time. “I came over to see why the camper is still in front of my house. I thought my friends left, but it’s still here.” Her family has friends visiting who drive a big RV that they stay in.

I asked her if she wanted some toast, and she said, “Yes, I would like some toast.”
She sat there and talked away, as we all went about getting ready for work. Such a funny little kid.

She was so cooperative when I pulled out the camera and said, “Smile!” but as soon as I lowered it, she commented, “You know, I don’t always like it when people take my picture.”

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