Moving Weekend

Molly says that the best part of having a boyfriend is that they can help you move. I would have to say that you outdid yourself in that way this weekend. I owe you 17 big hills in our future bike rides (Since you love hard, physical work so much)! Thanks for not only moving my stuff, but also Tori’s and Ashley’s. There’s something women like about a pick-up man, and Joe Diffie, I think I know what it is…


Even though we didn’t get to do the full bike ride, I enjoyed going out to Lexington for breakfast with you on Monday 🙂 <3

One thought on “Moving Weekend”

  1. Sounds good, I’ll keep a tally of the hills and let you know when you’re done owing me hills 🙂 Next time we’ll be better prepared to get an early start for the Lexington ride though!

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