Lake Louise a.k.a. Worst Hike Ever

Hike Description.

Note in the description: “wait until mid-July for the snow to melt”  Not only that, but the drive to the trailhead is on a dirt road that takes FOREVER, and it’s really bumpy.

This is at the bottom, at the start of the hike, where there’s a reservoir. Good thing my dad had those work gloves in his truck:

I was so hungry on the way up, I stopped to eat a little bit of my PB&J. My mom kneeled down and opened her mouth for me to feed her a few bites, too:

And this was the whole point of marching through the snow and getting frost-bitten toes: Lake Louise, still pretty frozen:

The names Lois, Loise, Louise, Louie, and all those weird variations always confuse me. I’m still not exactly sure how to pronounce the lake’s name.

3 thoughts on “Lake Louise a.k.a. Worst Hike Ever”

  1. eww that foot is gross. Yea, they liked it more than me. My dad built us a little fire at the top, in the snow, to warm up next to.

    It was funny, at one point coming down, a dog ran around the corner and my mom screamed really loudly. ha she thought it was a coyote or something, because she didn’t expect anyone else to be up there.

  2. Good thing you only had to hike to the lake and not the top of the mountain, otherwise you’d have a foot like Mr. Deeds! Did your parents enjoy that hike?

  3. Thats funny because for me that day was pretty hot. We were sitting out on C&K’s deck having drinks, playing badminton in the yard, going for a walk, the kids were spraying each other with water guns, it was in the 80’s..

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