Home Again

Hiya Hubby,

Trips to Bozeman are great, and this one especially so, since Dad turned 60!

country road to the house

house on a hill

There’s always good food, and it’s always free.

strawberry spinach salad

broccoli salad

The views from the house remind me of the good old cowboy and homesteading stories told to me by my dad’s side of the family, and make me want to listen to “Grandpa (Tell Me ’bout The Good Ol’ Days)” by the Judds:

Sunset from the porch

Silly times with Mom are the best! She’s decided to give camping another try:

mom in a sleeping bag

I’m notorious for taking pictures of my family napping and making it their background photos:

dad sleeping on the couch

Dad loves working with his bees:

dad carrying hive

Carrot cake for a great dad:

60th birthday round carrot cake

A ski day with Dad did not have the best snow conditions, but it’s always fun exploring and talking with him:

dad and I skiinglonesome peakdad skiing

Sunrises are pretty:

sunrise from the house

And sunsets are even better:

sunset from the porch

The only thing that would have made it better would be having you there!

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