Girls’ Weekend

Thanks for giving me the weekend off. It was very brotherly of you to help KC with his roof. It sounds like you guys worked long, intense hours with few breaks.

Meanwhile, I was doing easy stuff, like eating.



Sushi was actually easier to make than I expected. I think we did a pretty good job, and it was quite delicious. Tori didn’t last very long:


This picture is especially for you, since I know how much you love smart phones:


That was Friday night. On Saturday, I went to the Taza Chocolate Factory with Molly and Nina.


You needed a reservation two weeks in advance for a tour, so we didn’t do that, but we did try some chocolate, and they also had a cheese tasting and a hard cider tasting. The hard cider was Bantam, which is the same cider that Ramon gave me when I picked up his car tires for me.


After that, we went to Bom Café, a little Brazilian café, for lunch. We had a coxinha, a little pastry that had chicken and cheese filling, an açaí bowl, and hominy, a sweet, creamy mush that has coconut and reminds me of rice pudding.


Then we went to Nina’s apartment near Central Square, where she made us some delicious coffee with her Nespresso machine:


After that, I went to Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurant in Brookline for dinner with Nina and three of her friends from BU. You know how much I love tapas, so I definitely enjoyed it. We ordered a pitcher of sangria, albondigas (meatballs), pulpo gallego (octopus and potatoes), grilled ribeye steak, grilled lambchops, patatas bravas (home-fry style potatoes with a spicy salsa and garlic aioli sauce), chorizo (sausage) and sweet-sour figs, brussel sprouts, pork belly, and a sweet potato dish. Then, for dessert, we split churros and Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence (chocolate cake with coconut ice cream on top), and we all had cappuccinos.

On Sunday morning, Tori and I woke up fairly early and headed down to Jamaica Plain to cheer on Nina in the BAA Half Marathon. She made it in under two hours. We had some pretty good reactions from the runners to the signs that Tori made:


After that, I spent the rest of the day napping, doing laundry, and going on a short bike ride on the Minuteman Bike Path.

See you next weekend!

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