Fork Fiasco

I’ve mentioned several times how much we love Maine Bike Works, and we now have one more huge reason. Before we left Massachusetts, Jason told us multiple times, “We are just a phone call or text message away if you need anything!” Chris and I had no idea how soon we would need to take him up on that offer!

I consider Chris to be a master of all things related to bicycling, but even the most seasoned cyclists make mistakes. When he was packing up our Fargo’s for the journey from Massachusetts to Alberta, he removed the Anything Cages from our forks. In an effort to not lose the bolts, he began threading them back into the carbon fiber forks. He was almost done with the first one when he heard an unmistakable crack. Too late, he realized that without the cage, the bolts are too long to install the entire way. The back end of the bolt had cracked his fork.

Though it was a small crack, he did not want to take any chances. We would really be up a creek without a paddle if his fork broke in the middle of our trip! Chris emailed Jason, our knight in shining armor back at the pink castle, who contacted Salsa and arranged for a crash replacement fork to be shipped to Banff Soul Ski + Bike.

Chris’ original fork survived the ride from Jasper to Banff, where the shop put the new fork on. Thanks a bunch to Maine Bike Works and Banff Soul Ski + Bike!!

4 thoughts on “Fork Fiasco”

    1. We do love Maine for lots of different reasons, so maybe someday in the near future we’ll find a plot of land and build a little cabin 😉 Love you too! ~ Chrachel

  1. Hey, don’t sweat it. When you ride bikes, stuff happens and I was amped Salsa went the extra mile for all of us and worked the logistics of getting a replacement fork in yours and Banff Soul’s hands so quickly even though you were north of the border to allow you to keep to your riding schedule. For awesome people like you two, we are always only a text message and an overnight FedEx delivery away. Keep rocking! -Jason & Nicky @ Maine Bike Works

    1. Jason & Nicky, Thanks again for all the help. We were also super happy that Salsa offered the crash replacement, but we wouldn’t have been able to set that all up without you. Now I can sleep better at night, and ride with more confidence. Hope you’re both enjoying the summer so far! We love looking at all the pictures from the Swift campout 🙂

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