Fells in the Fall

Remember what mountain biking feels like?

It’s our favorite kind of biking, and Middlesex Fells Reservation is only a few miles from my apartment. I’m so glad we finally got some time in on the trails before it’s time to swap out the bikes for the skis.


2 thoughts on “Fells in the Fall”

  1. ha indeed, I do remember that ride, and the loss of feeling in my toes.

    That bike looks like it’s in Montana.

  2. Agreed – it was really nice to get out mountain biking, since the majority of our riding this year has been on the road. I do feel guilty saying it, but mountain biking is my favorite also (sorry road bike!). It would be fun to do this again the next time I’m in Boston this fall.

    And don’t think you can put your bike away so quickly, remember this ride we did last year?

    Winter cycling image - Google

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