It was nice getting to work from the farm for two days, to hang out with my mom and grandparents:
Grandma and Grandpa

The cats almost killed me by rubbing up against me and sitting on me and making me sneeze incessantly:
Sleeping Cat
Mom and I went on a walk down Six Hundred Road:
Six Hundred Road
She showed me the old barn where she found some pretty cherry boards that were milled from a cherry tree that grew on the farm.
barn and American flag
She wants to use the boards to make a farm table at their house in Montana.
old barn
She had a midnight rendezvous with a trucker who works for their Montana friends, delivering potatoes all the way to Boston.
old barn
My mom gave he and his wife a bag of snacks and Applebees and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, and in exchange, he stashed the boards on his truck.
mom with cherry boards
shot-up pepsi cola
Overall, the farm trip was nice. I got to see Grandpa, Grandma, and Grandma’s sisters, Aunt Ruth and Aunt Doris. I also got to see Uncle Rusty, Aunt Linda, Taylor, and Faithy. My mom and I even met Aunt Alli for a glass of wine and some sheep cheese (which I’d never had before… Aunt Alli said my grandfather rolled over in his grave when I told her that).

strawberry banana smoothies
strawberry banana smoothies made by Grandma


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