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Wild penguin attackI know you already saw this video, but I thought it was worth saving.  This guy is definitely the man, and his video gets me excited for our trip!  I think it’s a great way to document the trip, but unfortunately, I doubt (no offense) that we could produce our own that would be nearly as much fun to watch :-/.  I wouldn’t be against trying, though, if you wanted.  I suppose if we did try and were relatively successful, we could use it as our Amazing Race audition tape… 🙂

Anyhow, my favorite part was when he said he was overtaken 1,000 times and finally took revenge, while showing the clip of him passing a bus down a big hill.  A close second though, IMHO, was when he mentioned and showed a clip of getting attacked by wild penguins!

Gear Consideration

Lots of decisions to be made, and lots of money to be spent…

Pannier Racks
  • Nemo
    • Losi 3P
    • Losi 2P
    • Obi Elite 2P
    • Galaxi 2P
  • Big Agnes
    • Slater UL2+
    • Copper Spur UL2
    • Fly Creek UL2
    • Fly Creek UL3
    • Slater UL3+
    • Copper Spur UL3
  • MSR
    • Hubba Hubba 2P
    • Mutha Hubba 3P
    • Nook 2P
    • Elixir 2P
    • Elixir 3P
    • Carbon Reflex 2P
    • Carbon Reflex 3P
  • Black Diamond
    • Skylight
  • Mountain Hardware
    • Super Mega UL2
    • Skyledge 2 DP
    • Skyledge 3 DP
  • Sierra Designs
    • Lightening 2 UL
    • Flash 2 UL
    • Flashlight 2 UL
    • Flash 3 UL

XC Bike Trip Thoughts

After talking the other day about when we would do our cross country (XC) bike ride (Spring 2015 vs. Autumn 2015), I had it on my mind and my bi-weekly drive from CT to PA gave me a lot of time to brainstorm/daydream…

The other day I described to you how long the trip would take, based on a few factors.  In order to make the trip the most enjoyable, I think we should pick a set of destinations (general or specific), but then leave ourselves the flexibility to deviate later on as we go along.  I think we had agreed that riding a route that’s more Southern than the I-90 route we’ve driven several times (you several…. me just once).  That way we could get to know some new states, even through driving through doesn’t really mean you know a state.

Here’s a recap of what I had described the other night:

  • 4,500 miles

  • 75 miles/day average

  • 5 riding days/week

  • 60 days; 12 weeks

However, if we change from 5 days/week to 6… the trip would only require 10 weeks (not saying we should cut it short, just for reference).  Of course there are plenty of other factors that we should take into account.  A rest day doesn’t necessarily need to be a no-riding day, either, it could just be a less-riding day…  Either way, I think we should be flexible about our route and schedule.

Anyhow, I’ll start by sharing some destinations I thought of which gave me the ~4,500mi slightly meandering route mapped below… (may not be in order).  I don’t have any specific locations where I think we should start or end (besides Atlantic to Pacific), but I was thinking either Maine near Corey and Kate, or P-town to start… and then Northern California or somewhere in Oregon or Washington to end.

  • Smoky Mountains
  • Virginias (mainly interested in West Virginia… I’ve heard a lot of good things)
  • Colorado
  • Southern Utah – Moab
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Grand Canyon
  • Yosemite
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Avenue of the Giants (Redwoods)

XC Bike Route Idea

Something else I was thinking we should do during the ride, is daily posts to this site, so that friends and family can keep track of us/our trip (and to look back at afterwards, of course).  Depending on internet availability, we might not be able to post them every day, but we would at least need to make a record of the day, and we could alternate days to keep it interesting.

Daily post content

  • Current location
  • Day #
  • Weather
  • Picture(s)
  • Summary of the day
  • Daily highlight
  • Daily lowlight
  • Daily stats and trip stats (to date)

    • Miles ridden
    • Saddle time
    • Ascent

Some things we’ll need to aquire before the trip (obviously not complete, just a few things I was thinking of…)

Okay – that’s it for now.  Hopefully this gets you thinking, I’d like to hear your thoughts on all of these ideas.  I just wanted to get all my thoughts on paper and start the process of slowly planning this exciting trip!