A Sunny Weekend in Amherst

This past weekend, Aunt Bonnie helped me do some training for the trip at her house in Amherst, MA. We started off the day with two breakfasts, since biking takes plenty of energy. We had one at her house, and then one at The Lone Wolf:

Yes, I finished that chocolate chip pancake, huevos rancheros, orange juice, and chai latte.

It was a lovely, sunny day. On our bike ride, we visited the Leverett Post Office and the Leverett Village Coop.

I had a wonderful time with Aunt Bonnie, and I’m so grateful for her and Uncle Ken’s generous donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation!

2 thoughts on “A Sunny Weekend in Amherst”

  1. Wow The breakfast looks delicious and you picked a beautiful day to ride! I did a double take when I saw the pic I thought your Aunt B was your mom Rach. Best linda

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