“Wheels of Fire”

Wheels on Fire

The title was the name of the email that Andy sent to Chris and Jack after we did this ride, which I thought was funny.  I pasted a screenshot of the email below, so you can see as well.  Anyhow, I’m not sure how much my cold/allergies (1 or the other but I think it’s mostly allergies) effected me, this was just a fast ride considering the wind.  I got lucky though, because about 20mi in, all the sudden my stomach started hurting as if I’d need to use a bathroom ASAP… but that was right at the same time when we caught up to another cyclist who was from the UK, so Andy and him talked for a while and rode at ~16mph while I followed, and by the time we split ways, my stomach attack had passed 🙂  So I got lucky!!  It was a fun ride though, I’m really looking forward to the MS ride coming up next weekend 🙂  Hope you’re enjoying the flower show with your Granny!! xoxo~

Wheels of Fire

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  1. Hahah I like how Andy’s Strava picture is a snowman. Holy cow that’s fast. Imma die on our MS ride!

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