Total bummer

IMG_0041My poor car has been through so much in its short life already :-/  This one isn’t as bad as the last, but annoying nonetheless.  The pothole was in the right lane of I-684S, about a mile North of the Saw Mill Parkway.  I am realizing that I have bad luck on that road.  Less than five minutes after I pulled off to swap tires, another guy pulled off and also had a flat from (I would assume) the same pothole!  He said it was his sixth flat of the year on that road and was very (understandably) upset.

…so I guess things could be worse.  And missing the 8 o’clock meeting was no big deal.  I then had to find a gas station with a working compressor b/c my donut was a little low, and from there the ride was slow b/c you’re only supposed to do 50mph on it.  My homework is to determine if New York State will cover it or not.


The tire appears to be fine, but the rim is clearly dented, so it probably wouldn’t hold air because the tire most likely no longer creates a seal against that section of the rim.  Casey said he thinks some places can repair alloy rims, so that’s an option if I’m not able to get it replaced through NYS.


Another reason to use rental cars for business travel…

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