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A couple that rides together….

Image08032014160022…. sometimes takes pictures together!

Can you believe I got them to go biking with me?  It wasn’t full-on mountain biking, but there were some decent trails we rode on and then a bunch of roads for a total of 20mi.  At one point during the ride, while we were on the trails and going downhill, the thought of if Julie crashed and got all beat up, it would be so bad being less than 1 week before the wedding!  She did well though, and took her time through the more difficult sections and finished the ride completely unscathed, which was a bit of a relief.  I still want to take Casey (and Julie if she’s up for it…) for a real mountain biking ride some day though to see if I can get him hooked :-).

  • Notable happenings:
    • Casey got stung by a bee in his driveway just before we got started
    • We went to the site of the “New Hartford Foam Dome”  Unfortunately, it apparently had recently been torn down, but there are plenty of pictures on Google, one of which I included below.  Casey was really bummed that it was gone.  Apparently he and Tony had stumbled upon it while skinning one winter, and he was really excited to take Julie and I to see it.  Julie had also heard of it (from Casey, but she had also read about it in a recent article in the newspaper, so thats why I’m thinking it was very recent that it was taken down).  From the pictures, it looked awesome, so I was also kinda bummed, but didn’t know it was there in the first place or that Casey was hoping to take us there.

New Hartford Foam Dome