Hot and Windy (50)

The heat and fireworks thwarted our attempt to get to sleep early last night but nevertheless, we woke before 5AM this morning.  A storm was rumbling in the distance, so we hurried to a convenience store in search of a quick breakfast, but the owner must have still been sleeping off last night’s festivities.  Alas, we settled for granola bars, sheltered from the rain underneath the gas pump canopy.

Unwilling to admit defeat, we resolved to have a more substantial breakfast in the next town, Dighton, KS.  Mother nature made us work for that breakfast, though.  Those 30 miles to Dighton were arduous, we worked our hardest to maintain 10mph despite the flat terrain.  The sunrise served as a bit of consolation at least!

After breakfast, we met Ranelle from Denver; she graciously donated energy drinks and offered us a place to stay.  Thank you so much, Ranelle, we really appreciated your kindness and will put those energy drinks to good use!  Moments later, a fellow tourer named Tom Burns rolled in.  He shared a few things with Rachel: same bike, same helmet, and they both live in Boston!

Between Dighton and Scott City we crossed paths with another six tourers; by far the most we’ve seen in such a short stretch!

Later in the morning, a strong SW wind picked up, which felt refreshing at first.  However, that feeling changed as the temperature approached 100 degrees.  To add to the fun, we got sandblasted while riding along several barren fields.

We escaped the heat at Casey’s General Store in Scott City.  After a three-course gas station meal, we studied the weather forecast and decided our energy would be spent most efficiently if we waited until early tomorrow morning to leave town.  After considering our options, we checked into the Lazy R Motel for the night, which was worth the money.  If we are able to put in a strong day tomorrow, tonight should be our last in Kansas!

Only 99 miles until Colorado!

Trip stats, to date (Day 50)

  • Ness City, KS to Scott City, KS
  • Daily mileage: 55.4mi;  Trip total to date: 3,154.2mi
  • Daily riding time: 5hr 16min;  Trip total time: 272hr 40min
  • Daily ascent: 865ft;  Trip total ascent: 151,965ft
  • Flat tires: Rachel – 1; Chris – 0


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  1. This is the part where the west to east is expected to have an advantage due to the wind, but sounds like overall you are doing just fine.

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