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“Flora & Fauna” Loop Ride

We got up extra-early this morning to drive to Hartland, so that we could sneak in a ride in before running wedding errands and painting for the afternoon at my parents house.  En route we were delighted to stumble upon a local Boy Scout troop offering free donuts and coffee in return for donations at a rest stop along the highway.  Then, we enjoyed clear blue skies and crisp air while riding the Flora & Fauna loop  between Avon and Granby, CT.

Rachel riding along Nod Rd. underneath the Heublein tower.

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2014 Pigskin Challenge

Bozeman Pigskin Season 2014If you tied your dad for the weeks that you forgot to pick (3 zero’s and 1 two for weeks 4, 6, 8 & 9), you would have beaten him by 2!  Since your last forgotten week (9), you beat him by 3 points.  Next year I’ll have to set you a weekly reminder 🙂 I’m proud of you for finishing the season despite those missed weeks though, that’s a good sport.

Oh, one more thing!  You tied (along with 12 others) for first on week 17.  No pizza though, because you got that game wrong and another person guessed correctly with the exact final score.  Your dad came in second one point behind, hence 13 for him.