Runnin’ berries

These are a bunch of pictures I took with my phone to show the process as best as I can. Some are from Wednesday and Friday when we tested, some of Saturday when they started production. I’ll go through in order of process. So here we go:

1st truck shows up and starts backing into the truck dump ramp

A couple pics of trucks being unloaded… as you can see they just pick them up, really high! 
This is some berries flowing out of a truck into the first set of storage hoppers.  From here they are let out onto a small vibrating conveyor and then fall through a space where a fan blows across them to separate light debris from the berries (we installed 2 sets of the vibratory conveyors and the air cleaners)
 Berries being conveyed uphill immediately after the air cleaners.. about to be dropped in the main storage hoppers.  We installed both of the conveyors shown here, and one more to the left of the frame (and 6 more further down the line that you will see)

Berries being conveyed across the top of the storage hoppers to be dropped in

Lots of berries being stored in the center row of the storage hoppers
2 of the 6 incline conveyor carrying berries from other end of the hoppers into the building
 Berries being run through shaker table (1 of 6) after dropping out of 1 of 6 of the inclines shown in the previous picture
1 of 6 rock traps… I can explain to you how these work, theyre pretty cool and very simple.  This is downstream of the shaker table shown in the last picture and is the last thing in the process that we changed.  I’ll add a couple pictures at the end to show the rest of the process and the building, etc.

2 thoughts on “Runnin’ berries”

  1. Yeah,I have more pictures to show you if youre interested.. I thought it was pretty cool to watch run also. And no, they’re not allowed to anymore. Apparently years ago they would, but its a safety issue.. so not anymore. And yeah, the amount of green berries depend on the load. When we tested there was one load that looked like Trix cereal, so many different yellows and reds and greens… but obviously the better loads are mostly reds.

  2. That’s so cool! I didn’t realize how much of it is outside, or how many green berries there are. Do the drivers stay in the trucks when they lift them up?

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