Run MDI 2016

My siblings, Casey, Charity & Julie, were at it again this past weekend with another marathon!  Rachel and I always try to go and support them on race day, and this time it was a no-brainer, because the race was on Mt. Desert Island (“MDI”).  It would be our first time at MDI/Acadia National Park, so when we found out the race was on Sunday, we decided to drive up Friday night so that Saturday could be spent experiencing some of what MDI/Acadia have to offer.  We arrived at our home for the weekend, Hadley’s Point Campground, at 8:30p on Friday and quickly set up camp then got to sleep, in preparation for an early start on Saturday.  The temperature was forecasted to drop to the low 30s, so we deployed our warmest tent and an extra sleeping bag to use as a comforter.

Rachel getting ready for bed.

Before we knew it, our alarm was buzzing, and it was already 4a. Initially, we had mixed feelings as it was difficult to emerge from our cozy tent into the frigid morning air but the excitement for our modified Cadillac Challenge Loop kept us on track.  We got started later than planned, but  still early enough to make it to the summit of Cadillac Mountain in time to see the sunrise!  🙂

Sunrise on Cadillac Mt.

Chris AcadiaThe weather was fantastic, and we thoroughly-enjoyed the cycling and the scenery throughout Acadia and MDI.  Afterwards we met up with the runners for another trip up Cadillac Mt. (this time via car and just before sunset), followed by dinner at Paddy’s and dessert from a small sweet shoppe in Bar Harbor.

Smiths on Cadillac Mt.

Jusey on Cadillac Mt.

Bar Harbor Cruise Ship

The next morning, we all met up again for breakfast before the runners hurried to the start line.  Rachel and I followed shortly afterwards to see them off, then ditched our car along the course to bike upstream against the flow of runners until we saw all of ours, then turned around and continued to the finish.  A fun surprise was a boat of fishermen cheering over the loudspeaker and blowing the boat’s horn while floating along in Somes Sound, near the half-way point, as the runners passed on shore.

"Before" Photo

Charity MDI
Charity running the MDI Marathon 2016
Casey MDI
Casey running the MDI Marathon 2016
Julie MDI
Julie finishing the MDI Marathon 2016

Overall it was one of the more challenging marathons they have run, but all of them ran great races and seemed to have enjoyed the course.  I’m glad we came to  support them, although I won’t stop reminding them that cycling is more fun!

"W" for Winners
“W” for Winners!

After the race was over and they had recovered slightly, we all shared some snacks before Rachel and I parted ways while they continued on for a BBQ meal and some well-deserved beers.  Rachel and I rode back to our car to start the first leg of our drive home.  We were offered to join Corey (my other brother, who made a day trip to MDI on Saturday, also to support the runners) and his family in Freeport for dinner, and we can never turn down a free meal.  What a great weekend; I got to see all of my siblings and to check out another National Park!  🙂

Normal "After" Photo

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