The night before Easter…


Last night we had an Easter’s Eve family gathering at my parents house, which my mom was cooking for.  Early in the day she said she would take the dogs for a walk, but I could see by noon that she was running out of time since she had to prepare scalloped potatoes, asparagus, crumb-topped cod, and more vanilla Oreo cupcakes 🙂  Being the good son that I am, I offered my hand, and we tagged team all the prep work.  Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the cooking or eating, but it was all very good.   And as you can see above, my parents were able to take the dogs for a walk after all, to the dogs rejoice!IMG_0005

While my parents were walking, I loaded up my touring bike with some tools and pieces of the hutch I’ve been working on, and went over to the workshop at Hartland Pond.  I had drilled holes for hinge cups on the doors previously and they didn’t line up well enough, so my goal was to make the holes slightly bigger.IMG_0006

I used the drill press for this, because doing it by hand would have been near-impossible.  The new holes were to be only ~1/16″ off center from the originals, so I used a piece of paper underneath the work piece to make sure I was moving it the right amount in the right direction when drilling the new holes.  It was  a simple setup, and worked very well!


After finishing up in the workshop, I loaded the bike up again and hurried home to be back in time for the party.  It was a really nice day out, although a bit windy 🙂

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