Riding 10.22.11

I just thought of something kinda funny.  When I talk about dirt biking, I say “riding” and when I talk about mountainbiking, I say “biking.”  That will help you differentiate between what I’m doing maybe.  But anyways, I didn’t get any action pics bc its a pain to stop and take out my camera, but maybe next time for you!  We did have a really nice day though and here are the two pictures I did take, besides the one that I emailed you previously when we stopped to check out the old stone building.
This picture was when we were just about ready to go after loading up Casey’s quad at his house.  Lookin’ cool huh?

This was just before we left to go out on the trails (in BEARTOWN!).  There was a guy out there with his girlfriend that we saw (also a bunch of beaners with brand new bikes which is funny), but they were having problems.  The guy was leading and they came up to a hill which was kinda tough with big rocks and a little steep, and he got stuck or something so Casey and I passed them and went on our way.  Someday I’ll let you ride my dirt bike.  I would prefer you try the quad first just because its a little less intimidating, but same sort of shifting, you just dont need to worry about balancing and dealing with a heavy bike that could fall over.
But if you do a good job riding around, maybe someday I could take you for a little ride 🙂

How To: Make a Box Separator

Step 1: Measure the length, width, and height of the box you want to make a separator for.

Step 2: Cut out two pieces of cardboard. both should have the same height as your box, and cut one to be as long as the width of your box, and the other as long as the length of your box.
Step 3: Since you are not a very good cutter, and since cardboard is ugly, cover them in some pretty paper.
Step 4: Cut a slit in each piece, right in the center, half way through.
Step 5: Slide the pieces together at the slits. Put them so that the cuts you made are touching, and then push hard to get them together.
Step 6: Put them in the box and organize your stuff. You may have to cut them down a tiny bit to get them to fit.
Step 7: Organize your stuff!

Chris + Rachel