National Bike Travel Weekend

Rachel and I had been wanting to go for a short bike tour this Spring, so National Bike Travel Weekend was the perfect opportunity!  We decided we would do an overnight trip to Cape Cod and back, initially planning to carry camping gear but starting South of Boston to make for a relaxed trip.  We were delighted, though, when our friend Ashley told us she had recently inherited a bike, was interested in joining us, and that we could stay with her grandmother in Brewster!

Not far into the ride, Ashley got her first flat tire! Her road crew helped her change it.

Next, we stopped at Marylou’s for some coffee and pastries.

Coincidentally, we rode out to Brewster at the same time as the Best Buddies Challenge, and reaped the benefits of several crossing guards.

The last segment was on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which was flat and fun.

The weather on Saturday was fantastic, and we finished our riding with time to spare for lounging on the beach!

After the ride, the three of us and Ashley’s grandmother shared a great dinner together.

Sunday wasn’t quite as idyllic as Saturday, but it could have been worse.

We never saw the sun during the ride, but only endured light rain for a small percentage of the ride back to the Park & Ride in Plymouth, where we left our car.

Overall it was a great trip, and I am happy that we could expose one of our friends to the joys of bike touring 🙂

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