"L.L. Bean" Basket

I’ve already told you about how I did this, but here are some pictures showing the progression of the basket 🙂  I need to sand it to smooth out a lot of places and then I might stain it.  But its 95% done right now.  In this picture you can see what I did with the wire on the other side of the inner end piece.  You’ll notice how I cut off the piece that connects all these ends so that I could bend them over the wood and then HOT glue it.  This way hopefully the wire will never pull out of the wood.

This is my work table.  TADA!  I want to make a nicer table to work on, and really want to clean up the entire basement workshop area, but its all my dads stuff so I don’t know if I will or not.
I used the circular saw to cut the “U” into the outer end pieces, that way I could get the two pieces of wood to fit together nicely.
Left: This is WOOD glue!
Right: You saw this when we were skyping, but here’s a pic of the setup all clamped together.
DONE!  I should put a picture of the one from the LL Bean catalog next to a picture of mine for comparison.  Their handle was attached differently, and I’m guessing they attached their wire differently but its impossible to know.  Also, their handle is a more drastic curve which makes it easier to get things into and out of the basket.  If I make another, I will make a bigger handle like theirs, use solid wood for the end pieces (as opposed to plywood), and maybe get a little more creative with how I attach the handle or what I make the handle look like. 🙂  So far I think it’s come out pretty well though.  I’ll take a picture when I’m completely done with it for you.

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