James’ Monster Ride

James (right) and Me walking our bikes through a section of road with large stones. Photo courtesy of Andy
James (right) and I walking our bikes through a section of very rough road. Photo courtesy of AS.

This is the only picture anyone took during the ride, and it was during the one section where we walked, because the road was too rough and it wasn’t worth risking flat tires.  Fortunately it was only ~200yds long.  Anyhow, this was a beautiful but very challenging ride.  James was really familiar with the roads because he often rode out that way when he was training for triathlons in the past.  Overall, I would say we fared pretty well.   I felt good until the climb up to East Hartland when I started having a strong desire to stop (I’ll blame that on my last 5-10mi theory) coupled with some brief muscle spasms which temporarily subsided but came back worse for the final section.

I won’t say I would never do it again, but I certainly don’t want to do it again right away.  Next time I would force myself to train more appropriately, and to have a better nutritional strategy.

Looking forward to more crazy rides with those two!  Hopefully this ride helped to prepare Andy for the Lotoja Classic 2016… I am slightly jealous…

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