Going Californie Way (79)

With a late night behind us and only a 40 mile ride ahead, we slept in a little bit this morning. After coffee in the room and then breakfast and snacks from a 24-hour grocery store, we were on our way out of town.

We stumbled upon a bike path that was fun while it lasted, and then we were back on Las Vegas Blvd. That road ended in Jean, and the only option was I-15 afterwards.


A slight headwind helped keep us cool along the way.

At 9:30AM, we arrived in Primm, which is a Nevada border town (California tomorrow!!). The town was built around a few casinos, but there was also a roller coaster, outlet mall, and full service truck stop.

We were pleased to get into a room immediately, so that we could spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Trip stats, to date (Day 79)

Las Vegas, NV to Primm, NV

Daily mileage: 44.4 mi ;  Trip total to date: 4,582.2mi
Daily riding time: 4hr 09min;  Trip total time: 395hr 50min
Daily ascent: 1,327 ft;  Trip total ascent: 225,399 ft
Flat tires: Rachel – 3; Chris – 4

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