Cooling Off in the Fire Station (37)

Rachel has been agonizing about the lack of Verizon service in KY, which is why we have gotten so behind on posts.

Two interesting things happened this morning: (1) We covered 16 miles in the first half hour and (2) we gained an hour by crossing into the central timezone. Those two events are unrelated, of course.

As of this morning, the only food of substance we had left were tuna packets, but Rachel refuses to eat the tuna.  Therefore, we stopped at the first convenience store for honey buns and bananas.

Later we bought lunch and ate it behind a church in Fordsville.  Our resting place for the night was the fire station in Utica. The accommodations were fantastic: it is air conditioned with a shower, bathrooms, laundry, and a kitchen!  Sleeping pads on the floor makes for an easy getaway in the morning.

An hour or two after our arrival, we were joined by James, Dan, and Ed (the British guys that we met a few days back), as well as two gals who both recently graduated from the University of Nebraska and are riding from there to the Atlantic, in Rhode Island. One of them finished school in the winter and also did the Southern Tier bicycle route in late winter/spring. The other is hoping to find a yacht in Newport that needs an extra deck hand and is headed for Europe. After that, she hopes to tour around Europe before returning to the states the following May. If RI doesn’t work, she will ride to FL and try the same there.  Good luck, I hope the plan works out and you make it to Europe!!

Trip stats, to date (Day 37)

  • White Mills, KY to Utica, KY
  • Daily mileage: 80mi;  Trip total to date: 2,143mi
  • Daily riding time: 6hr 42min;  Trip total time: 190hr 28min
  • Daily ascent: 4,245ft;  Trip total ascent: 115,510ft
  • Flat tires: Rachel – 1; Chris – 0

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